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Keizo Shibusawa and the Attic Museum

Keizo Shibusawa

Interior of the museum

  Founder of ISJFC, Keizo Shibusawa (1896-1963) was born as a grandson of entrepreneur Eiichi Shibusawa. He served as the 16th Governor of the Bank of Japan and Minister of Finance in the Shidehara Administration. On the other hand, he was also interested in the history of the lives of jomin (common people), and in 1921 built the “Attic Museum” in the roof space of his garden shed to store and exhibit his collection of toys and mingu. Later, this collection was shared with friends and researchers with the same interest to promote research on areas such as mingu, local community and fishing history.   Shibusawa researched and collected numerous historical documents and tangible goods (mingu) and carried out research and analysis based on ethnographic fieldwork centered around fishing villages.