Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University

Research and study

Main research themes

・Research based on comprehensive survey of rural villages and other local communities: Puts into perspective the community as a whole and studies how people create history and culture through interaction with nature to provide a foundation for historical and cultural researches.

Futagami Island in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, is the target area of the joint research project: History and Folk Culture of Futagami Island with Particular Focus on Futagami-Family

・Comprehensive studies on fishery and fishing villages, encompassing historical documents, object materials, and interviews on fishing tools, fishing techniques, shipbuilding techniques, etc. Researches utilize materials collected when ISJFC was an incorporated foundation and surveys conducted after becoming part of the university.

Hand-copied texts of fishery and fishing villages (owned by ISJFC)

・Research on mingu: Research focusing on the relation of folk implements and local history. Findings are shared through the publication of “Mingu Monthly” and other research reports on mingu and folklore.

・Research on overall management (including compilation, recording, repair, preservation) of historical documents and mingu.

・Research on past activities and inherited materials from the Attic Museum and the former ISJFC.

Practical training on restoration techniques of historical documents is provided.