Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University



ISJFC’s publications

  Currently, ISJFC issues two periodicals regularly: “Rekishi to Minzoku (History and Folk Customs)” which serves as a bulletin of the Institute; and “Mingu Monthly,” a platform for mingu researchers to exchange views. It also engages in irregular publishing activities such as “Kanagawa University Japanese Folk Culture Monographs,” a series focusing on materials and documentation of the lives of ordinary people, research reports from commissioned projects, research material catalogues based on the findings of field surveys, and publications of diverse, style depending on the nature of the relevant research or study.

  • Rekishi to Minzoku
    (History and Folk Customs)

    <i>Rekishi to Minzoku</i><br> (History and Folk Customs)

    Collection of research papers and seminar reports compiled by the ISJFC on specific themes

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  • Mingu Monthly

    <i>Mingu Monthly</i>

    Mingu Monthly is a monthly journal of research and news on material culture.

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  • Monographs, research reports, catalogues, etc.

    Monographs, research reports, catalogues, etc.

    Reports of research results, catalogues of archived materials, etc.

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