Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University



Collection of historical documents and cultural materials

  The diverse holdings of ISJFC are gradually being open for public access, starting from those that have been catalogued. They are basically available for use for research purposes (prior notice required). 

Fishing ground map (owned by ISJFC)
  • Digital Collection of Paintings

    Digital Collection of Paintings

    Paintings and drawings collected by the Attic Museum, with a selection of digitalized data also available online

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  • Historical Documents

    Historical Documents

    ISJFC’s collection of historical documents, including microfilm copies

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  • Hand-Copied Texts

    Hand-Copied Texts

    Written copies of historical documents about fishing villages

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  • Photographs and Films

    Photographs and Films

    Still photographs and films offering a glimpse of folk culture in the early Showa Period (1926–1989)

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  • Folk Materials

    Folk Materials

    Materials complied and collected by the ISJFC

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  • Library collection

    Library collection

    General books, collections and other publications

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