Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University

Research and study

Joint research project: The Development of Field Sciences in Japan: Reflections from the Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Archive Materials

Geographical scope

  Areas covered by past research related to the materials of the Shibusawa Foundation for Ethnological Studies(Minzokugaku Shinko Kai), Attic Photos and Attic Films owned by the ISJFC.


  Researchers conduct joint surveys (individual surveys) with the ISJFC based on the materials of the Minzokugaku Shinko Kai, Attic Photos and Attic Films. Specifically, they follow up on past research focused on the remaining materials in the same areas and gather related information. We also promote the use of these materials through collaboration with organizations that share or partially own the materials (Miyamoto Memorial Foundation, Shibusawa Memorial Museum, and National Museum of Ethnology) to present new perspectives on the history of the development of field sciences, such as folklore, ethnology, anthropology, rural sociology, geography and regional studies.

The extended Saito Family in Ishigami (September 1934)
Photograph of an Attic meeting from the ISJFC archives SR001-018-012-002