Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University


Practical Training Workshop for Restoration of Historical Documents

  The workshop is held alongside the Folk Cultural Studies Seminar to provide training on the three basic steps of historical document restoration work: recording and organizing, repairing (mending and lining), and restoring (trimming and binding). Participants also learn the technique of detaching the undercoat of fusuma (paper sliding doors).
  Please check our website for dates and topics.

  • 1.Recording: Training on photographing historical documents.

  • 2.Repairing/lining: The document is reinforced with washi Japanese paper.

  • 3.Repairing: Reinforced paper is fixed to the drying panel.

  • 4.Repairing/mending: Holes in the documents are patched with repair paper.

  • 5.Restoring/trimming: The lining paper is trimmed.

  • 6.Detaching: The undercoat of fusuma is removed.

  • 7.Detaching: The detached documents are dried on felt mats.

  • 8.Classroom