Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University

About the ISJFC

Activities and projects

1. Publication of research findings

  Research findings are continually publicized through various publications, seminars, workshops as well as databases and other information on the ISJFC website.

2. Collection, research, and publication of materials

  Historical materials collected through field survey are compiled and catalogued with the cooperation of the material owners. Compilation and analysis of ISJFC’s own collection of materials is also in progress.

3. Research seminars

  Since 1983, public seminars have been held to share research findings that have been verified and validated by Institute members. External researchers are also invite to report on their research to enhance research level.

4. Joint projects with other institutions

  ISJFC actively engages in collaborative research with various institutions in different regions and research fields.


5. Academic exchange

  ISJFC conducts academic exchange with the following overseas research institutions to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation in folk culture studies.

6. Research Center for Nonwritten Cultural Materials

  The Center was attached to the Institute to carry on the 21st Century COE Program “ Systematization of Nonwritten Cultural Materials for the Study of Human Society. ” It focuses on the forms in which human activities are recorded other than the written language. It has a broad geographical scope, covering non-Asian cultures as well as East Asian traditions.

7. International Center for Folk Culture Studies

  International Center for Folk Culture Studies is a MEXT-accredited joint use / research center affiliated to ISJFC. In the age of globalization, ICFCS seeks the coexistence of diverse cultures, aiming to establish a methodology for research and analysis of everyday life and culture of the ordinary people.