Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University

Research and study

Joint research project: History and Folk Culture of Futagami Island with Particular Focus on Futagami-Family

Geographical scope

Futagamijima Island, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture


  • Futagamijima Island

  • Historical Documents: Futagami Family Collection

  The project aims to explore a new phase of ISJFC’s continued study of history and folk culture on Futagamijima Island.

  1. Study the materials concerning the Futagami Family in Awai District, Matsuyama City, and unravel the family’s multidimensional activities during Japan’s Middle Ages.
  2. Organize, read and comprehend the documents of the Futagami Family in the early-modern age and clarify the family’s activities around that time.
  3. Survey and analyze the activities of the Society for the Study of the Futagami Family Record(Futagami Keifu Kenkyukai) and identify its social significance.

  The joint research is a three-year project with the first two years from FY2016 focused on research and FY2018 spent on reporting the results. The project’s research will be conducted in collaboration with the Futagami Keifu Kenkyukai with an effort to return the benefits of the research to the local community.