Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture Kanagawa University

Research and study

Joint research project: Comprehensive Studies of Oyamazaki Manor in Yamashiro Province

Geographical scope

Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni-gun, Kyoto Prefecture


  Research on the Oyamazaki area has hardly ever been conducted except for studies on the famous abura-jinin (manufacturer/merchant of lamp oil) of the Middle Ages. Aiming to unveil other ages and aspects of the history of this area, exhaustive study of local documents has been carried out since 1995, so far resulting in the publication of various catalogues and three research reports. Catalogues that have been issued to date include those of documents held by the Tanenobu Hikita Family, Kannonji Temple, Shigeo Aoki Family, Yukinobu Matsui Family and Sadayuki Iwai Family.
  Currently, resources are focused on early completion of the catalogue of the Rikyu Hachimangu Shrine documents.

  • Previously issued catalogues

  • Microfilm photo albums

  • Rikyu Hachimangu Shrine